The Advantages of Forex Arbitrage Calculators

They work on real time and keep you accessible to the quotes of different currency pricings, there and then. This process, if done manually, will require time and patience, which means you may lose the opportunity if you are not quick enough. For traders who want to do well in Forex arbitrage, this calculator is an important tool to maximizing their gains. Before getting the real software, it is best to look at the free demo and try out their trial versions to ensure that the software is suitable to your needs and is truly reliable.

. The calculator basically helps to identify arbitrage opportunities through its calculations. The market in which it buys from will have a lower price quote of a currency than the market it sells to, allowing the trader to gain profit from the differences that occur between the two markets. It is also more accurate in its calculations than humans are. However, one should understand that the difference is only temporary, as the market will need to correct its prices so that there is equality in prices of the currencies. Thus, it is important for a trader to quickly detect such opportunities, make the necessary calculations, decide if the differences is worthwhile, and then trade. This correction can happen very quickly. In Forex arbitrage, a trader basically buys a currency from one market and then sells it off at another. The Forex arbitrage calculator can be widely found in the Internet and can be downloaded for free or a fee. However, with the presence of the Forex arbitrage calculator, this problem can be overcome.

The good thing with the Forex arbitrage calculator is that it can do what a human cannot do. In other words, in terms of the human problems with speed, efficiency, and accuracy, the calculator can overcome

How baseball learned to stop worrying and love StubHub

The clubs don’t benefit from tickets in the drawer.”

But Bob Bowman, the CEO of MLB Advance Media, the arm of the sport that runs, said most teams have come to the realization that the secondary market is a benefit, not a blow.

But Bettinelli said that he really doesn’t see a bad World Series match-up.. If you have a Yankees-Cubs series, it will help the pricing and sales volume.”

In addition, New York this year joined states such as Florida and Illinois in dropping the so-called anti-scalping laws that attempted to prohibit the resale of tickets for more than a nominal increase over face value.

As recently as a year ago, teams such as the Yankees were going to war with their best customers, pulling renewal and postseason ticket rights from their season and partial-season ticket holders if they were caught reselling their tickets. Louis.

The difference made it worth it for Cubs fans to catch a plane rather than the Chicago L to a game, especially if they could cash in frequent flyer miles. The fact that there are services like StubHub only increases the supply of tickets that can be sold on the secondary market, thus lowering the price.

Baseball ticket sales on StubHub soared, and the site is now on pace to sell 5 million tickets this year alone, after selling a total of 5 million tickets in its first six years of existence.

The deal with baseball was beneficial enough to StubHub that it gave the sport something it never granted other teams or sports in its sponsorship deals — a cut of the 25 percent combined commission that StubHub gets from the buyer and seller when a ticket is sold.

But back at on the Northside of Chicago at the friendly, but pricey confines of Wrigley Field, a larger fan base and more limited supply of tickets had driven the average resale price up to $334, with some tickets selling for as much as $2,177, and standing room tickets going for $100.

StubHub, the leading online ticket resale service, reports the average price of a ticket being sold on its site for games at Chase Field in Phoenix was $105. “There’s no one who can go to all 81 games. If anything, they drove ticket prices higher by limiting supply as the laws made some potential sellers reluctant to put tickets up for sale. “Very few of either teams’ fans have ever seen them win a World Series.” In fact, Colorado, which just joined the league in 1993 has never been to a World Series; this is only the second time the team has made it to the playoffs. Teams mistakenly believed that the secondary market was competition for their own ticket sales.

And while Cubs fans couldn’t be happy with the results of the games they saw in the Valley of the Sun, (the Cubs lost both games and are one game way from being eliminated in the series), this is the way that markets are supposed to work — willing sellers setting the price they want to attract willing buyers.

And if the Cubs rally and somehow make it to the World Series, we are likely to see even higher prices. “But it might not be the most profitable for us, because of the limited supply of tickets for sale. Numerous studies have shown ticket resale prices drop once anti-scalping laws disappear.

So even though few can afford to shell out $75,000 to root, root, root for their home (or road) team in the playoffs, having an open secondary market for ticket sales makes it less likely that anybody will ever have to pay such a high price in the first place. Top of page

“Without question, the increasing knowledge that there is a vibrant, safe, legal liquid market for the tickets encourages our fans to buy season ticket packages, since they know they can recoup some of those costs.”

Some will look at the prices that World Series tickets are already going for on StubHub and cry that this makes it tough for the average fan to afford tickets.

A pair of seats five rows behind the first base dugout at Wrigley for one World Series game have already sold for $6,000 each, already topping the highest price for a ticket sold on StubHub to last year’s World Series– $5,883 each for four seats in row B behind home plate for Game 3 in St. One seller is already listing a pair of tickets for $75,000 each.

NEW YORK ( — Think of it as playoff ticket arbitrage.

Chicago Cubs fans flocked to Phoenix this week, drawn by significantly lower prices for tickets to the team’s first two playoff games against the Arizona Diamondbacks than they could find for tickets to games 3 and 4 back in the Windy City .

It also helps that this year, Major League Baseball and more and more states around the country are finally acknowledging that it is in everyone’s best interest to have a true transparent secondary market for ticket sales.

If the Cubs meet the Boston Red Sox in the series this year, it might drive prices to unprecedented levels (though I have my doubts they’ll ever reach the $75,000 listing price of that one optimistic seller).

Both teams have large fan bases, small stadiums and a history of postseason frustration that has created pent-up demand for a chance to see their team win the series. While the Red Sox won a championship in 2004, the Cubs haven’t been to the series since 1945 and haven’t won in nearly a century.

Bowman acknowledged that at least some of the credit for teams selling a record number of tickets again this year is due to the rapid growth of online ticket resales on StubHub and similar services.

The laws were among the most worthless on the books. So about 11.3 percent of the Arizona tickets being purchased on StubHub were going to Illinois buyers, while only 0.5 percent of the Wrigley tickets were being sold to fans from Arizona.

So in August, MLB reached a ground-breaking sponsorship agreement with StubHub, which is a unit of eBay (Charts, Fortune 500).

“We’re in the secondary market whether we embraced it or not,” he said. The Indians last won a World Series way back in 1948.

But the fans paying those insane prices would have found a ticket broker to buy from in the past. Some tickets sold for as little as $22.

“The dynamics for a Cubs-Red Sox World Series is something that the secondary market has never seen before,” said Greg Bettinelli, senior director of business development for StubHub. The full effect of the partnership will not begin until next year, but already in the last two months of the season, started providing links to StubHub on team pages on the as well as at individual team sites that fans go to when they’re looking to buy tickets.

“Even if it was the Rockies versus the Indians, those markets will come alive,” he said

FreeWheel’s FourFronts Programmatic Solution Being Offered by Discovery Communications

FreeWheel is making it possible to execute

premium video programmatic transactions safely, at scale.”

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FreeWheel announced today that Discovery Communications is entering

FourFronts Programmatic pilot, an extension of FreeWheel’s private

marketplace that in May introduced integrations with selected DSPs

designed to enable advertisers to negotiate the purchase of premium

digital inventory with publishers using proprietary data.

Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is the world’s #1

pay-TV programmer reaching 2.7 billion cumulative subscribers in more

than 220 countries and territories. joint

venture network OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Discovery also is a

leading provider of educational products and services to schools,

including an award-winning series of K-12 digital textbooks, through

Discovery Education, and a digital leader with a diversified online

portfolio, including Discovery Digital Networks. to profitably

monetize their professional content on desktop, mobile, OTT, and

traditional STB devices.

“Discovery is thrilled to work with FreeWheel participating in their

FourFronts programmatic pilot program,” said Suzanne McDonnell, Senior

Vice President, Discovery Communications Digital Media. “This pilot is

helping to set a precedent for the TV industry on how premium digital

advertising should be transacted through programmatic channels.”

FreeWheel’s ‘FourFronts Programmatic’ solution makes it possible for

both the buy-side and sell-side to plan and reserve in advance, a

critical need when dealing with scarce, premium inventory. “The combination of automation, data and compliance ensures publishers

are maximizing the value of their inventory while at the same time

helping advertisers better reach their target audiences, said Jon

Heller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, FreeWheel. Enabling

publishers to maintain control of their inventory acts as a safeguard

against commoditization, and protects against exposure to arbitrage.

About FreeWheel

. For more information,

please visit

About Discovery Communications

Increasingly, advertisers want to use their proprietary data on premium

video inventory without publishers having access to their data, which

results in waste. “Technological advances such

as RTB have served the display market well, but they don’t address the

needs of premium video. Publishers can then sell their inventory to brands and agencies

with confidence that it meets advertisers’ requirements.

FreeWheel, an independent subsidiary of Comcast, helps the largest

players in the television industry generate revenue from their

ad-supported content through a robust technology platform for ad

management and monetization, a private marketplace for premium

television inventory, and advisory services. The FourFronts Programmatic capability addresses this

challenge by allowing advertisers to upload their data into a secure

‘data escrow’ enabled by FreeWheel’s integrations into selected,

compliant DSPs. FreeWheel’s solutions are

used by companies like ABC, AOL, Inc., BSkyB, DIRECTV, Discovery, ESPN,

NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting System, and Viacom, Inc. Publishers can forecast against this ‘blinded’ data

while advertisers are able to maintain the confidentiality of their

data. Discovery also controls

Eurosport International, a premier sports entertainment group, including

six pay-TV network brands across Europe and Asia. Discovery is dedicated to satisfying

curiosity, engaging and entertaining viewers with high-quality content

on worldwide television networks, led by Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal

Planet, Investigation Discovery and Science, as well as U.S